Friday 19th January 2018

    hhy    uu    मेरो लडाइँ असल न्यायाधीशविरुद्ध होइन    के सि अनसन बाटैै हिरासत मा कसरी पुुगेे    केसी लाइ रिहा गर्न बाबुुराम काेे माग

Thailand-Britain-Finland rights

Tuesday, 20 September, 2016

A Myanmar migrant worker holds a sign in support of British labour activist Andy Hall at the Bangkok South Criminal Court in Bangkok on September 20, 2016, ahead of the expected verdict on a criminal case brought against Hall by the Natural Fruit Company for criminal defamation. A verdict is expected September 20 in the criminal defamation trial of British labour activist Andy Hall over a report he contributed to exposing abuses in Thailand’s lucrative fruit industry, the second of four prosecutions he faces in a case that has been widely criticized by rights groups.